Compilation: lets go outside (13 pics)

I often go out wearing a diaper under my clothes. It’s soooo nice 🙂
Here are a few pics I took when I was out and about, cycling, shopping, in the dressing room, and having accidents while changing my diaper 😉

Xx Emma

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  1. Leuk ze emma als vr wel gemakkelijker met rokje hoe zou je het doen als man?


  2. Porté et mouiller ces couches en public est très existant. Ce petit secret amusant . il n’existe rien d’équivalant. Et on peu même allé plus loin en jouissant dedans . le ressent tu aussi cette excitation sexuelle ?

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    • Oui, souvent je me sens l’excitation sexuelle quand je porte ou mouillé ma couche :))))


  3. Wearing and wetting while out and among unsupecting people is particularly naughty……and I love the idea that you were even diapered on the airplane. Did you wet yourself while up in the air?

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    • Yes I did. It was so much fun and really exciting. Nowhere to go in case of leaks!


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