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    • You are so welcome sweetheart. I wish we lived closer. I would so love to have play date with you ❤ Love you too hun xo

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    • thanks Emma 🙂 I wanna find some ABDL playmates close to me. Have to look on fetlife. Looking at ABDLmatch.com as well. Ever used that site?


    • I’ve never used ABDLmatch. I am an active member (and supporter) of Fetlife though 🙂


    • i would love to also converse with you on fetlife too. I sent you a friend request but I haven’t seen you reply to any of my messages ‘:(


    • Well sweetie, you do send me a LOT of messages. And I answer my mail, I always start with the oldest messages. With each extra message you send me, you bounce back to the top of the list of newest message. So, just be patient and let me handle things in my time okay? 🙂


    • i won’t send you any messages for a while ❤ I'll be patient sweetheart. ❤ ya hun

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