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  1. So who’s the one doing the driving Emma on these car trips, like your trip to Antwerp? 😉


    • So just curious being in Amsterdam do you drive and/or have a car or just your bicycle? 🙂


    • So also curious does your bike have one of those tubular carrying racks on the front that I’ve been seeing on so many bikes whenever I’ve seen a pic/vid from Holland with bikes in it? I’ve gotten a slight fixation of those for some reason lol. Maybe it’s cause I just look at them as being so very Dutch lol. 😉 😛


    • Awesome! Yes that’s exactly what I was referring to, and I think you can get them in several colors as well. So now I know what they’re actually called in Dutch! 😀
      Plus I think I’ve yet to see anything exactly like it over here. Idk when I think about it over here you just don’t see that kinda front-mount stuff as often, but over there on the other hand….. 😉


    • Here, in the city, your bike is like your car. So you wanna be able to carry your stuff and your family on your bike 😉


    • Yes I mean I have to wonder is there any country in the world (aside from China maybe, and even there the number of cars in today’s 21st century China keeps rising by the day!!) more bike-centric then the Netherlands? 🙂


    • I was talking to someone about how if we we’re like Holland bicycle-wise, then plowing the snow when we get a big snowfall off the bike trails we do have (and we do have some really cool ones in some places, like the former “rail-trails” can be real awesome) would carry probably carry as much importance as clearing the snow from the streets! 😉


    • So Emma have you ever cycled home in the public, in the daytime, with a very apparent, as in like the packaging, box or package of adult diapers strapped to your voordrager? 😉 😛 😛 😀


  2. That’s WHY all babies are diapered,no need for evil potty monster stops.NOW only stops to change babies wet and or messy diaper!!


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