Question for you swimwear lovers!

So I get a lot of requests from swimwear lovers to take pictures in lovely tight lycra swimwear. Now I have two swimsuits and two cute bikinis. What would you like to see best? And would that be with a diaper underneath, or just little ol’ me in the swimwear?

Please cast your vote 🙂
You can choose multiple options. Thank you!

Xx Emma

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  1. Sympa comme questionnaire… très amusant tu devrais en refaire un sur un autre thème. Et après les votes ne rien dévoilé et nous montré seulement en photos les résultats. 🙂


  2. i’d say girly bikini-no diaper. You are too small for any grown up bathingsuits.
    A diaper doesnt help much or hold out well in the water, and if you pee while swimming- no problem.
    When you get out of the water though , your bikini bottom will be replaced with a diaper, possibly covered by some beach skirt or something. If you go swimming again, you can wear the bikini bottom again and the diaper (if still dry enough) will be stored for you to wear later… in the water you can be as wet as you want, and on dry land, you should be dry 🙂

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    • Of course diaper lover or not Dr Thorgrimm, if you’re in a pool then peeing in the pool is still kinda nasty don’t ya think?


  3. Well of course with a DIAPER,you are only a BABY.Prefer a Bikini with top also.But you should make your own decision baby!!


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