I’m enjoying the sun in my school uniform and diaper (4-13 pics)

OnlyFans-buttonI’m sitting in the park in Amsterdam. I’m in my school uniform and underneath I am wearing an Aww So Cute diaper with teddy bears 🙂 Going to the park is always so much fun!

See the full set (13 pics) on my Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/1157543/abdlgirl

Xx Emma

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  1. Nog eentje dan. Lijkt me leuk om ook er geluierd bij te zitten in de lente, met een picknick ofzo hihi gezellig of wellicht met een klein clubje onder luieraars? Vind sowieso de foto’s erg mooi, ook de omgeving. Kijk hoe mooi alles bloeit en jij tussen de bloemblaadjes op het gras daar zit. Prachtige foto’s en echt cute!

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  2. Don’t you REALLY think,because you are JUST a baby girl,you should be wearing the PINK teddie bear diapers from Aww so cute!!!I also love wearing the those diapers but with the PINK teddy bears under my skirts and jumpers


  3. So Cute you are Emma inn diaper with you teddy bears
    i lov you and you fotos 🙂

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  4. Hi Emma you have som daiper to the School uniform evry day to
    i lake daiper to i have so and a sit in the park and i going shopping

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    • I wear a school uniform almost every day 🙂 but I don’t always sit in the park showing my nappy 😉

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