I’m wearing a superthick diaper in the woods (14 pics)

I’m in a cabin in the woods and I’m having a lovely time. I can go outside to bask in the sun or stay in to warm myself at the fireplace.
My dear friend Babybul made me this super wonderful diaper. He has sewn lots of lovely diapers together and I have added a few stuffers. Babybul’s super thick diapers make me a happy babygirl ❤

Xx Emma

Tip: refresh the page and see what happens to my pictures 🙂

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  1. Where do I get that diaper? Does it come in different colors?


    • My dear friend Babybul made me this super wonderful diaper. They’re not for sale 🙂


  2. Zozo Nederlands? ik ook kom uit tilburg… ps vind het mooie foto’s


  3. Perfect! You look great wearing that diaper. The diaper is awesome. Is that type of diaper available for sale? I use comficare 24 but the orange one looks thicker 🙂


    • Thank you!
      This is a diaper especially made for by my friend Babybul 🙂


  4. I love the diaper !!!!! I have a few places around there I live that I can run around in just my diaper. What a great sense of freedom. Just wish I could go there more often. 🙂

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    • Oh that’s brilliant! You don’t have a lot of places like that in the Netherlands but they give you great freedom 🙂


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