I’m cycling through Amsterdam in my mini school uniform (4 pics)

I’m cycling through Amsterdam and it’s a lovely sunny day! There’s a parade, yaay! I climbed in a tree to get a better view on the parade. Everybody was really happy. Lots of people smiled at me 🙂

Xx Emma

EmmaCyclingInMiniSchoolUniform (13) EmmaCyclingInMiniSchoolUniform (14) EmmaCyclingInMiniSchoolUniform (6)EmmaCyclingInMiniSchoolUniform (11)

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  1. An awesome outfit Emma!! 😀 And a cute yellow bike.
    I love how close everyone can see to your butt and chest area! 😉
    One question though are these pics a little older cause where’s your voordrager? 🙂

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    • Yes you’re right 🙂 this is summer, I bought a new bike in the fall 😉


    • Kewl! Yeah I can certainly see a little rust on the back of that one, do you know how old that one was?
      And is your new bike in any of your pics? 🙂


    • You should do some pics of you on yr new bike and piled high on the voordrager are a package of your babygirl diapers and your monthly supply of Brinta. 😉 😀

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  2. If you were in that same outfit on ur bike where I live, and I saw you, there’s a really good chance I’d cause a 6 car pile up xD ur sexy as ever

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  3. Emma Emma, very naughty…
    Both your blouse and your skirt are way to short…..
    But, nice legs and cute little bum, and nice little Xitties….
    XXX, Ton.

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    • Well I think yr blouse and skirt were JUST RIGHT!! 😉
      If they were anything they were just a tad too short hehe! 😀
      Yes you should’ve been proud of yourself that day BabyEmma! ♥ 🙂

      Course then again maybe if they were in fact too short maybe that means it’s time for the white coats to bring you back to the GIRL ASYLUM, the very best institution in Holland for helping naughty Dutch girls(and those from other places as well of course lol) like you. 😛

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    • Wow I had almost given up on you responding to those comments Emma. 😉 😛


    • Awwww I just noticed did you delete part of my message above where I was correcting myself? 😛


    • Oh yeah I clicked the wrong button. Don’t think too much of it 🙂


    • 🙂 Aw no prob. just wanted to make sure I hadn’t said something bad and you didn’t mind me repeating the comments about your cute butt around Amsterdam and saying that if anything maybe your skirt could’ve even been a tad shorter (hehehe!! ;-D). ♥♥ 😉


  4. Hi Emma ! Such a big girl !! Without diapers or pants…your sweet pussy will get a cold 😉

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