I’m wearing super thick Cuddlz (12 pics)

I am so happy and content in my super thick Cuddlz diaper. I need nothing more than this lovely diaper, my teddy bears and a pacifier to be a very happy baby girl.
My friend Babybul created this exquisite diaper by sewing several diapers together and adding luscious elasticated plastic so my diaper sits snug around my legs and in my back. It’s so snug and comfortable, it feels like I’m wearing a cloud of warm cosy padding. I love it ❤

Xx Emma

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  1. Hi Emma, kannst du mir bitte sagen wo ich die Cuddlz-Windeln herbekomme?!


  2. Hi you make me so horny just the thought of how your diapers must feel especially when they are soggy drooping wet

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    • It’s a diaper hack. The original is made by Cuddlz and the supersize version was made by my friend Babybul.


    • Das glaube ich. Leider habe ich niemanden der mich so fotografiert. Bin aber ständig auf der Suche


    • Hallo Emma. Ich hätte auch gerne so ein süßes leben. Woher kommst du


  3. hey.iam a one big little diaperboy.i love big and thick diaperpakage.i have 12 abriform l3 on me.


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