I was put in superthick padding made of ten diapers and five stuffers (6 pics)

Sooooo…. I went to a lovely ABDL and pet play party in Belgium, called Pets and Littles Playground. It’s such a lovely party. And my friend Limbonees went too and he had a little surprise for me. Well, two actually. He made me this lovely little tank top and he was talking about setting a padded record. When he put me in a diaper it became clear… he didn’t stop there! He put me in a total of 10 diapers and five stuffers! The diapers range in size from Small, to Medium, to Large, to XL and to top it off there’s an XXL diaper. I couldn’t close my legs any more and I could only waddle 😛

Xx Emma

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  1. Super ton tee-shirt Emma! Et oui je regarde tes fesses langé! 🙂
    heuuuu… désolé veux tu que je regarde ailleurs. lol

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  2. Love the pics
    Did you know wet and mess it
    How many times?
    I would love to be in your situation yet now

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  3. That is the biggest diaper I have ever seen! That would take a couple days to fill it LOL.

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    • LOLOLOL I didn’t sleep in it, we had to take six diapers off before I could even sit in the car 😛


  4. Wow, that’s super thick…running was out of the question haha…and what a supercute shirt! Awesome pictures again, awesome.

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