Punished and diapered by my uncle (13 pics)

Ooooh, I had this one coming!
You know the other week I let my teacher touch me in my secret spot. I didn’t do it just for fun you know! I had low grades and my teacher told me it was either that or extra homework. So I let him touch me.
And then I visited my uncle and I was happy to tell him all my grades were okay again. But my uncle wasn’t very pleased. He told me I should have chosen the extra homework. Plus only he gets to do fondling like that. So before diapering me, my uncle gave me a firm bare bottom over the knee spanking. That hurt! And then  I had to do corner time. To think about what I’ve done.
When I was a good girl again he put me in a diaper and put me to bed. And I was diapered happily ever after 🙂

Xx Emma

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  1. Very cute diaper
    What did he spank you with?
    I need to get some of those diapers with that print on it


    • My uncle used his bare hands.
      And then he diapered me with the Sexy Adult Diaper.


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