I was spanked because I was wearing a pull-up…. (14 pics)

So I visited my uncle again. Fun times! My uncle was looking forward diapering me, and he put me on the bed to undress me. But when he pulled my cotton tights down he found…. I was already wearing a pull-up! Uh-oh…. that’s not what I was supposed to do…
My uncle swiftly pulled my tights down, pulled my skirt up and he put me over his knee. Slap! Smack! A a long and fierce OTK spanking for little Emma. My uncle wasn’t satisfied until my bottom was red and sore and I was whimpering. Then he made me stand in the corner and I thought the worst was over. I don’t remember complaining, honestly! but my uncle must have heard some noises, because he removed all my clothes and he put a pacifier-gag in my mouth. I was made to stand like that for aaaaaages while he was enjoying the view. So embarrassing!
Only after what seemed like hours he put me in my PJs and put me to bed. I don’t think I slept on my back for one moment….

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  1. Pauvre Bébé ! je ne t’aurai pas punie pour cela. tu aime tellement être avec ta pull-up .

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  2. Aww poor baby! You should come over to me il kiss it better!


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