I love this bright white diaper (11 pics)

I found this bright white diaper in my stash. I tried it on, and I love it! The plastic is very white, very crinkly and very smooth. And there are nice big elastics front and back. But I don’t know what brand it is. Do you know?

Xx Emma

Tip! Refresh the page to shuffle the pictures, and see what happens 🙂

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  1. Génial que tu puisse en avoir… il serai si bon de te revoir dedans. j’aime la photo 10 elle laisse voir clairement quelle sont rembourrées. comment été t’elle une fois mouillée?

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  2. Hello Emma, the diapers looks really nice. If you wear it´s so sexy. I love diapers like that too 😉

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    • Oui, je crois j’ai porté les M10 un or deux fois, et ils sont très agréable.


  3. Could also be a Riboslip, I remember getting some of those from Save Express in the past 🙂 Not sure if they make them like this anymore, but I do remember they had incredibly soft plastic and the same ruffled front. I double checked some of my old posts on luiers.org just to verify that the name was ‘Riboslip Nacht’, presumably a German brand 🙂

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    • Riboslip Nacht? I’ve never heard of that. Interesting! I can’t find any pictures either, only of the package. Ohhh such a pity if they don’t make these anymore because they’re really lovely 🙂


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