Princess diaper and my teddy bear (7 – 17 pics)

open Emma's BentBoxI’m in bed with my dark brown teddy bear, who is diapered like me. My teddy is wearing a Pampers 6 and I am wearing a Princess Pink diaper ❤
It's almost time to go to sleep, and I must say…… yawwwn …… I am getting sleepy 🙂

See the full set (17 pictures) in my BentBox:

Xx Emma

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  1. That nappy is sooo cute!

    Despite writing the odd ABDL story I have never worn a nappy myself though I am often tempted to try them out for myself in real life. Not to make a mess in or anything, just to know what they feel like. If I did ever go ahead and buy some nappies it would have to be adorable ones like these princess ones.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and I hope you had a lovely Halloween! Xx


  2. Tried to join “Only Fans” . CaSubmit
    Submit button doesn’t work
    Never had trouble with my MasterCard before !
    Give up now, Emma



  3. Hi Emma,

    Ohh this so cute sweet little Emma with her little teddybear want to hug you

    Xx Bymyself


  4. Dag emma dat pakje luiers met
    3in onder u naam die ze verkopen als ik u geld overmaak stuur jij die dan op? In belgie verkopen ze die niet grtzzz


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