Diapers are great for long train rides (12 pics)

I am on the train and I can hear a couple complaining about how dirty the train toilets are. How they daren’t touch anything, or sit down, and how bad the smell is. I am giggling almost out loud because diapers are not just cosy, comfy, sexy and happy, they’re really practical as well! 😉

Xx Emma

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  1. If I was fortunate enough to get to sit beside you on that train, it would not only be a privilege, but an honor.

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  2. j’espère que tu as fais un agréable voyage? tu avais pris un petit stock de couches abdl…. il me semble y voir une Tena aussi?La
    promenade a été si longue? :))))).

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    • Ah ah ah, oui c’est vrai, mais je n’ai utilisé toutes les couches dans le train 😄


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