I stole some Pampers so my uncle spanked me (14 pics)

Uh-oh…. I got into trouble again.
I was visiting my neighbour, and he had a big pack of Pampers in his cupboard, for his babygirl. And they were Pampers 7 and I love those soooooo much. So I took a few – only a few! – and I thought that nobody noticed because there were so many. But my neighbour noticed there were Pampers missing… and he called my uncle…. and my uncle asked me if I stole those Pampers…. and I tried to deny it….. but then he found the whole pile in my bag. Oooooops! And then even worse…. my uncle discovered I was even wearing one! He was not very pleased as you can imagine….. which resulted in yet another sound spanking for little Emma…. and my uncle made me stand in the corner and sit on the bed with my Pampers pulled down. So embarrassing! I promise to never steal Pampers again uncle. Or at least I’ll try….

Xx Emma

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  1. Hi Emma <3, can't you do some more shoots in Pampers / Pull-ups? Those tiny diapers look super cute on you 🙂


  2. Hi Emma, Is that cum or milk on your diaper and your thumb in the last picture ?

    Xx By Myself


    • Hi Emma its Sheldon I’m sorry for waiting so long to answer.to tell you the truth l have been kinda scared to talk to anyone about my diaper fetish and every time I tell a woman that I had my leg amputated it seems to turn them off


    • Oh that’s a pity. You know, I don’t care about how many legs people have, or how long they are, that’s just your body right.
      Having a nice character and being nice to people is soooo much more important ❤


    • Emma, your uncle says it’s milk, but what do you say?

      xxx Someone xxx


  3. Emma la prochaine fois que tu as envie de Pampers dit moi le, je t’en offrirais un banquet entier! ou alors choisie moi comme voisin… je dirais rien! lol :)))). ça t’évitera la grosse punition….

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