Diapered at the Bouncy Castle Festival (13 pics)

What a joyful day in Amsterdam. I went with my friends to the Bouncy Castle Festival. I wore my best onesie and thickest diaper and I brought my pinkest pacifier for a day full of fun.
Before we even got to the Bouncy Castle Festival, we came across a babystore, so we just had to go inside and shop for more pacifiers. We had a laugh!
And then off to the Festival. We had so much fun bouncing around, in these HUGE bouncy castles and bouncy obstacle courses. And there was a huge ball pool that held twenty people. We had ice cream and fries and then we were so tired we went to bed early 😉

Xx Emma

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  1. Ces photos son notre cadeau! que puis je t’offrir a mon tour? Peut être des couches aussi…

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  2. Hallo Emma. Schöne Bilder. Hat denn niemand skeptisch geschaut weil dein Windelpo unter deiner Strumpfhose mit Body drüber ist ja nun schon ein einladender Blick.


    • Die Leuten müssen allen lächeln und waren so lieb. Viele wollten mit mir auf dem Foto 😊


  3. Emma you’re so cute. Can I send you some really cute older-design Pampers (from 2009) to wear for a pic set? Also I love those feet shots but you should do bare feet next time!

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  4. Tu as pensé a me ramener un petit souvenir de la boutique? :)))))
    Bon plus sérieusement …tu as du être toute folle folle dans ce magasin.
    Moi si j’été créateur de dessin animé je m’ inspiré de tes aventures
    Emma…. tu est mon héroïne!!!!!

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