Uncle gives me spanking, corner time and a diaper (24 pics)

I’m staying at my uncle’s house again. And well, you know how my grades need all the help they can get, so my uncle sent me to my room to do my homework. He told me that in an hour and a half diner would be ready, and he didn’t want to be disturbed before that. Little did I know!
After a few minutes I wanted to ask him a geography question so I walked to his bedroom where he was. He was lying on the bed. He was touching himself. I couldn’t help but stare, it was such a captivating sight. And before I knew it, I was secretly doing the same. I closed my eyes and lowered my panties. But all of a sudden I heard him say my name…. busted!! :-O
So no homework for Emma, but punishment. Oh dear. My uncle gave me a firm spanking, my cheeks all red and warm. I was put in the corner to think about what I’ve done. My uncle made me take off my panties and he diapered me in a thick Molicare diaper. He made me wear my diaper while he did all sorts of things to me. When it was time to change my diaper I had learned my lesson and my uncle powdered me (with lots of powder) and put me in Pampers, which I had to wear the rest of the evening. I think he meant that as a punishment… but secretly I loved it! Now I hope he won’t find out how much I love to be diapered and punished by my uncle. Shhhht!

Xx Emma

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  1. Spijtig emma was echt mijn ding in antwerpen mijn droom kwam uit … groetjes dikke kus xxx van your daddy


  2. spijtig dat luierclub weg is in antwerpen niet 1maal een reunie??


  3. Baby doesn’t touch himself and don’t have to look an adult do it !!!! It’s not good

    You are very sexy in pampers Emma

    You loved that so you are a little naughty baby girl !!!


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