I am having another bouncy day (14 pics)

Yaay for fun summer festivals! Especially ones where you get to dress up like…. well like yourself 😉
It was a wonderful sunny day and I was wearing a pink onesie and a thick Princess Pink diaper underneath. A tv reporter put a sticker on my bottom, haha 😀
And you know, I wasn’t the only ABDL around. I was with my friend Commander_AK, and we bumped into a guy he knows from ABDL parties. And I also met this wonderful couple from Belgium: Ptivic & Rahane, who came all the way to just bounce around. That was so brilliant! ❤

Xx Emma

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  1. Voor welk programma is dit opgenomen en wanneer komt het op tv ?


    • Dit was niet voor een programma. Ik was er gewoon voor mezelf en toen kreeg ik deze sticker opgeplakt 😁


  2. Did anyone at the festival say anything to you about you wearing your onesies and diaper out in public?


    • Of course! Lot’s of people commented on it. They thought it was daring, funny, and most of all: cute ^_^

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  3. un journaliste ta mis un autocollant sur tes jolies fesses rembourrée! mmmmmeuuu! je suis jaloux 🙂


  4. Leuke speeltuin 🙂 had vernomen dat je veel bekijks had.. Nu snap ik waarom 🙂 erg cute

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  5. Hello from Belgium.

    Nice to meet you @ Springkussen Festival


    • Hey it’s you! P’ti Vic & Rahane! ❤ ❤ it was soooo lovely to meet you! 😊😊


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