I went to London and wore my school uniform and diaper (15 pics)

This weekend I went to London with my ABDL friend Commander_AK. We had so much fun!
We went to a lovely ABDL party and played all night long with new and old friends. And we went to Hamley’s in Regent Street, that’s a magnificent seven storey toy shop. I bought a story book and I met a huge teddy bear. I want him for my birthday! 🙂 I met Thomas the Tank Engine and a tiger tried to peek under my skirt.
We used the Underground and we had an English breakfast with bacon and sausages and toast. At the airport we took some fun pictures and in the aeroplane I held on to my Care Bear and fell fast asleep 🙂

Xx Emma

Tip: refresh the page and see what happens to the pictures 🙂

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  1. If all school-girl are dressed loke you I want to go back to school !!!! Very cute !!!!!

    Xx Bymyself

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  2. Did u do a poopy so fun to be dressed in school unifrom and have an acdint


  3. Tu passe de fantastique week end. A tu prévu quelque chose pour celui-ci aussi? ou va tu resté et profité chez toi? En plus ton petit stock de couches va pas tardé a ce garnir de : My diaper nuit colour :))))))) hihiiii!

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  4. Hello Emma,

    really nice photos. I think it’s very exited to visit London with diapers 😃
    I wish you a funny and beautiful journey.


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