A babypink latex catsuit with Emma and a wet diaper inside (8-20 pics)

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Oh I’m so excited! I’m at EuroPerve Resurrection fetish party in Amsterdam. I have been dressed up by DeMask, which is a fantastic fetish boutique. They told me: “Emma, babygirl, we have just the outfit for you. You’ll be baby pink from your head down to your twinkle toes”. Of course I could not refuse! They dressed me up in a baby pink latex catsuit, with baby pink latex laced gloves, with a baby pink latex corset and a baby pink latex collar. Oh my wow!! ❤
My dear uncle Erik was there as well, and we moved to a quiet corner of the party and I unzipped my catsuit to show my diaper, and he made pictures. I love them! ❤

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Xx Emma


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  1. Really nice in latex, but there’s some poo inside the diapers?


  2. Oh you are so hot and sexy in your converse! I love the rubbery shiny look of tis rubbery converse on a girly feet !!

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  3. Waren er maar meer emma’s in het land!.
    Had ik er vast een gevonden voor een strandwandeling 🙂

    Super leuke fotos ^_^ 👍

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  4. Emma where did you get that outfit I would love to have one for Halloween or to put on a baby girl


  5. knap emma zo tof ammaaiiii chasisty kuisheidsgordel lijkt mij ook is leuk idee onder luier

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  6. You’re very pretty with this catsuits and diapers 😀 Thank you to sharing this with us !

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  7. Hallo Emma! Du siehst in dieser Catsuit wirklich sehr schön aus, sexy und verführerisch. Welcher mann möchte da nicht auch einmal den Reißverschluss langsam aufziehen… Liebe Grüße

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