My uncle caught me when I tried to sneak out…. (5 pics and story)

This is a story that I wrote about what my uncle did. Enjoy!

Trigger warnings: age play, sex, diapers, punishment, spanking, scolding, humiliation, sugar, spice, and all things nice.

Disclaimer: the people in this story are not blood related and if you think they are, that’s all in your head and a dirty mind is a joy forever.

So this happened last weekend.

I was staying at my uncle’s house for the week, and it was Friday night and I had already asked my uncle if I could go and visit my girlfriends for a night of chatting, drinking tea, lounging and doing each other’s hair. I know that’s not really what girls of sixteen do on a Friday night, and actually – we weren’t planning on doing just that either. What we were really  planning to do, was to dress real sexy, go to the club downtown, and get it on with guys at the club. But I knew my uncle wouldn’t let me go if I’d tell him the truth, so I was kinda forced to lie about it.
Now you know my handsome uncle had already taught me how super hot it can be to wear a diaper when we had that night of hot diaper sex (I’ll tell you all about that later) and so I was planning on wearing a diaper that night, under my clubbing clothes. I mean, imagine having a guy at the club groping you and feel all that nice crinkly padding…. you know what I mean 🙂

emmaspankedindiaperstockingandsuspenders-1So that night I was sitting on the sofa with my uncle, just chatting, when I told him I’ll go and get changed to hang with my girlfriends. I went to the bedroom and I put on a nice crinkly white diaper, a black & red garter belt, sexy black & red panties over my diaper (see through!) black stockings, a supershort little black dress and pumps. Lekker! I put a vest over it so you couldn’t really see how short my dress was and I went to the living room to tell my uncle ‘see you later’.
But then he stopped me and he said ‘what’s with the shoes?’. Sigh. I said ‘I just want to show my new heels to my girlfriends okay?’ but he didn’t believe me. There was a stern look on his face – the one that says you’re in trouble young lady. My uncle pointed at my vest and told me to take it off. He wanted to see what was underneath. I tried to tell him not to worry so much about it, but he was having none of my protests. He looked very displeased when I took off my vest and showed him my dress. My uncle may be a bit old fashioned, he is modern enough to see that what I was wearing was far from lounge wear.
My uncle asked me why I was dressed like that, and he looked very mad. He was right, I think. He pointed out how ridiculously short my dress was. He told me my outfit was so sexy it even aroused him. There was no chance that I would be going out dressed like that. My uncle turned me around to have a good look at my backside. That was when he actually spotted my diapered bottom. Uh-oh, I was in trouble now. Big trouble.

My uncle was really mad at me. He said ‘Emma! so I  introduce you to wearing diapers, and you turn around and secretly wear them so boys can feel you up…? Not only are you not going anywhere tonight, you will be punished Emma’. I shivered. I knew what that meant. ‘Take your phone and text your friends that you’re not coming. You are staying right here tonight’. It was so humiliating to stand there in my sexy dress having to text my friends why I wasn’t going out tonight. Like I was a little girl.
My uncle told me that he was actually planning on having a diapered night in for himself. He wanted to wear a diaper and get himself off. But now I completely ruined that for him. He showed me that he was already wearing a diaper under his clothes. My uncle was actually wearing a diaper. It looked so hot. I wanted to touch it but I didn’t dare move. I wanted to rub his diaper and have him change my diaper and make everything alright again. I felt guilty that I was actually planning on going out by myself, diapered, while I could’ve stayed at home and maybe seduce my handsome uncle into diapering me again. But now, there was no seducing him. He was so mad at me.

My uncle made me stand before him, with my back side towards him. After a while I felt his hands grab the hem of my dress and lift it to expose my panties, diaper, garter belt and stockings. ‘Fuck Emma, you look so hot’ I heard him say. It gave my pussy a tingle to hear him say that, it brought back all the memories of the last time my uncle could not restrain himself and used my diapered body and that was sooooo hot. But he had already told me that that was a one time thing only. And now he was really mad at me. But secretly I was wishing he would touch my diaper, fondle my pussy, make me play with his penis again.
‘Come here, across my lap!’ I heard him say. Ohhhh no he’s going to spank me….. I know my uncle is not afraid to give a severe spanking when punishment is due…. and it’s sooo painful….

emmaspankedindiaperstockingandsuspenders-2‘Now, Emma!’ he pulled me over his lap and pulled my dress even higher. In stead of the fondling I was hoping for, my uncle spanked my diapered bottom hard. Real hard. I wasn’t allowed to make a noise as his hands were pounding down on my bottom. Oh the sting! My bottom was warm and red and painful and my uncle was nowhere near finished with me. I covered my mouth with my hand because I knew that every sound would make him spank me even harder. I rubbed my sore bottom but my uncle pushed my hands away and spanked me so hard I yelped and whimpered.

He told me to take off my dress, and he pulled my panties down, exposing my diaper. ‘This is just the start of your punishment Emma. What sort of punishment are you going to get Emma?’ he asked me. I knew the answer, I whispered ‘little girls’ punishment, uncle’. I was to be spanked, lectured and put in the corner. I felt so humiliated. I was lying over my uncle’s knee, like a little girl, and he was spanking my diapered bottom. He took my wooden hair brush and spanked my bottom with it and it hurt so much. I was afraid for every blow, I was afraid for the pain and I was afraid to make a noise. I was almost crying.

emmaspankedindiaperstockingandsuspenders-3After my uncle was done spanking me, he told me to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. He made himself comfortable on the sofa and sat there just looking at me. My diaper was wet and saggy and my bottom was red and stingy. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed.

After a while I heard him say ‘This is what I was planning for tonight Emma’ and as I turned around I saw him sitting on the sofa, with no pants on, rubbing the bulge in his diaper with his hand. It looked so hot and I really wanted to touch him. I noticed his diaper was wet.
‘Come here,’ he said, ‘and sit on the floor’. I sat on my knees on the floor and he made me face his crotch. He lowered his diaper to show me that his penis was real hard. I was mesmerised. I so so so wanted to touch his penis. ‘Come closer,’ he said, and I put my face real close to his penis. I was getting excited that I once again was going to kiss and lick his penis, as he opened his diaper a little further. But my uncle was not finished punishing me. He pushed my nose deep into his diaper and held my face there, he told me to take a deep breath and smell his pee in his diaper. I tried not to but after a while I had to breathe and so I took a deep breath and smelled his wet diaper that was covering my face. I felt so humiliated. And that feeling only got ten times worse because the smell of his wet diaper was soooo arousing. My uncle played with his penis and made me watch, up close, and I was longing to kiss his penis but every time I moved closer he pushed my head away and told me ‘don’t you dare….’ with a very stern look. I was going mad with desire.
Finally  he let me play with his penis but only with my hands. I was dizzy with delight and for a moment I forgot all about my red stingy bottom. I tried to make him cum because I really wanted to see him cum but my uncle made it very clear that this wasn’t about me. I pushed my face against his diaper and licked it. I played with his penis until he told me to stop. Go on. Stop. Go on. My uncle was in control and he was having it his way.
Slowly I moved my face closer to his penis, I could hardly control myself. My uncle looked at me with a haughty smile and said ‘go on then’. I opened my mouth and closed it very softly around his penis. My uncle made it very clear how he wanted to be pleased and I followed his instructions like a good girl.

After a while he pushed my head away, and told me to go to the bedroom. I knew my punishment was not finished yet. My uncle told me to undo my diaper on one side. I was to sit on the bed on my elbows and knees, with my bottom in the air. He tied my hands to the bed so I wasn’t going anywhere, I couldn’t do anything and I couldn’t see what my uncle was doing. I could only undergo my punishment.
emmaspankedindiaperstockingandsuspenders-4I felt my uncle slide my diaper to one side and he spanked my bare bottom hard. It felt so good and so bad. I felt the painful sting every time his hand landed on my back side. I was embarrassed to have my bare bottom in the air like that for my uncle to see. ‘You deserve your punishment Emma’ he said, ‘not only for trying to sneak out, but also because you know how horny you make your uncle wearing a diaper. I was planning on having a hot diaper night, and I am going to have one.’
I heard him open his diaper and I felt my uncle press his penis against my pussy. I so wanted to feel him inside me and I moved back a little – but with a sound spanking on my bare bottom my uncle reminded me yet again that this was not about me. Owwww I was longing for him so much that I was willing to take any form of punishment, whatever you want to do to me, but please uncle, please use me. I was willing to beg for it when I felt him thrust his penis in my pussy. I felt the padded plastic of his diaper against my bottom. My uncle was using me for his pleasure and I loved it. He was slapping my bottom as he was fucking me. I was helpless and could only undergo whatever his plan was. I heard the crinkle of my diaper and his diaper and I was dizzy from being used and spanked. It was so good and so bad.
My uncle untied my hands and told me to lay on my back as he continued to use me. He instructed me to play with my pussy and it was so humiliating to play with my pussy while my uncle was having his way with me. I felt so embarrassed but it felt so good that I couldn’t stop, and it didn’t take long before I was cumming hard and my uncle smiled.

Afterwards my uncle lay down and let me cuddle up against him. He held me and I was tired and sore and sorry and I adored my uncle like I never did before. ‘Promise me one thing Emma,’ my uncle said, ‘promise me that from now on you only will wear your diapers when you’re with me and never with anybody else. You see, you just look too hot in them, and you need to be used and I  will be the one to use you Emma’. I nodded and I said ‘I promise uncle’.


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  1. Very sexy story !!! Thank you Emma

    And please keep wearing diapers and sharing that with us

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dommage Emma que tu ne sois pas allé en Club se soir là. j’été se gars qui t’attendais et qui allé tâtonner et sentir tout ce joli rembourrage crépus . 🙂 pour une prochaine fois mais pour cela il te faudra désobéir a ton oncle et cela est trop risquer.


    • This poor diaper, it had a bad experience, to get wet in such a bad way, or not? 🙂 But well done Emma


  3. Lingerie staat je echt fantastisch sexy. Met je heerlijke figuur erbij, afgemaakt met de luier; kan het bijna niet mooier!! Dank je voor weer een geweldige reportage. Die oom van jou (haha) is erg gelukkig met jou……


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