I wet my panties and my bed (8 pics)

So this is what happens when I am not diapered…. wet panties…. wet bed. Uh-oh! My panties are soaked and there’s a big pee stain on the bed.
Better get diapered fast!! 😛

Xx Emma

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  1. Do you try to pee at night of do you just wet yourself on accident in night?


  2. That is WHY you must ALWAYS be wearing DIAPERS sweet baby.Escpecially when doing nighty nites or taking naps!!!

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  3. And of course this is why you need a lovely pee-proof beautiful green or blue vinyl hospital mattress for your bed and crib. Course I’m guessing they may only come in single sizes so you may need to switch over to a cute kid-like single or as we in the states call it twin size bed, my favorite fetishy size! hehe 😉 😛 😀


  4. Oh yes Emma I also love the bedwetting fetish as well!! 😉 😀 😀
    And when you mention the wet pee stains or when people talk about the bed and sheets and panties and jammies being soaked…. 🙂 😛 😀
    I do hope you leave and have lots of pee stains on your mattress, any chance you might show pics of those as well? ;-D


    • Awwww, so does that mean you don’t have old stains or you just won’t show them? 😛 😉 😀 😆


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