I’m diapered at the mall in Amsterdam (7-18 pics)

open Emma's BentBoxI’m diapered at the mall and having a lovely time. I’m wearing a thick Rearz Safari diaper, and even though they can take a lot, I am checking my diaper often 😉

Xx Emma

See the full set (18 cute pics with face)
in my BentBox: http://sm.bentbox.co/showbox?djSAtiim

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  1. You could legitimately be a really good model. You’re an extremely attractive woman. ❤


  2. I would like to travel to see u I love wearing diapers and being an adult baby and I’m looking to sure my love it with someone


    • Happy my most favorite baby emma is diapered so thickly having a blast. Your michael in instagram. Luvs you emma xo xo xo muaw have fun


  3. Süß. Möchte auch gerne so süße Fotos mit meiner Mami oder Erzieherin machen. Liebe grüße Baby Diana

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  4. Hi Emma

    You are so lovely and so sweet

    You look like a baby girl especially on the picture with the big elephant Thank you to sharing that moment with us

    Xx Bymyself

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    • It’s my pleasure to share it with people who enjoy it, like you ❤️


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