Having fun in my P.O.P suit and Cuddlz diaper (8-20 pics)

open Emma's BentBoxDo you know Polarn O. Pyret? They’re a Scandinavian brand who started making play suits for children back in 1976. Their best suit, the PO.P suit, is still unchanged and it’s really super comfy and soft. And it has room for a thick diaper ❤

See the full set (20 pics, with face) in my BentBox: http://sm.bentbox.co/showbox?TtfOSzrs

Xx Emma

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  1. I love you pics, thanks, can you tell me what size you choose for your pj , because i want to order one for me and i don’t want to do a mistake ….thank ;; and maybe one time in your nursery ……i love it


  2. Woow je payerai cher pour entre ton tu fere pour un journée joué ensemble


  3. Dag emma als je dagelijks luier draagt dan plas je er dagelijks in ook? Gebruik je dan nog weleens toilet??? Grtzzzzz


  4. Hi Emma,

    Yes i think this PO are so comfy and secure ANd you are wonderfull like almays

    Xx Bymyself

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