Wearing Pampers and playing in my play pen (8-16 pics)

open Emma's BentBoxIt’s a lovely day to spend a few hours in my play pen. To make sure I don’t make a wet mess of things, I’ve been put into Pampers. My teddy bear is seeing to it that I have everything I need ❤

See the full set (16 supercute pics) in my BentBox: http://sm.bentbox.co/showbox?aZPbNenm

Xx Emma


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  1. Hi Emma,
    I want to join you in your play pen and have some fun like 2 little !!
    Very cute this pampers i like the new pattern and on you it’s magic !!!

    Xx Bymyself

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  2. Hey this is a huge and nice soft teddy. Is it new? I`ve never seen it before. And you are such cute and lovely in your pampers diapies, Emma. Awhhh.

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    • My sweet brother, you bought me this teddy!
      Look this may refresh your memory 💕😊💕


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