Emma got punished twice in one day (10 pics and story)

This is a story that I wrote about what my uncle did. Enjoy!

Trigger warnings: age play, sexual stuff, diapers, punishment, spanking, scolding, humiliation, sugar, spice, and all things nice.

Disclaimer: the people in this story are not blood related and if you think they are, that’s all in your head and a dirty mind is a joy forever.

I was staying at my uncle’s house again, for a few weeks. He is really good at helping me with my homework, and so I get sent there whenever my grades are down or whenever there’s exams. My uncle is really strict and stuff, but he is really nice and I think he’s like super handsome, but don’t tell him that.

So anyway, I was staying at my uncle’s place and I visited my friend Rose to do some homework together. We were really doing some homework actually, but we were also chatting about boyfriends and laughing a bit. From the living room we heard Rose’s dad tell us to behave and concentrate on our homework, so we went quiet for a bit.  Rose told me her dad was really strict and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she meant it.
But within minutes, you know girls, we were laughing again and Rose was touching my titties the way we should teach boys how to do it, and we were all giggly. We didn’t even hear Rose’s dad coming until the door swung open and he stood there and – oh my, did he look angry! Rose looked frightened but I couldn’t stop giggling.

Rose’s dad sat on the bed and he asked us how old we were. I told him my age but Rose said nothing. She just looked at the floor. I think she knew what was coming. Her dad said that we were behaving like children and we should be punished as such. I was a bit confused, I didn’t know if he was joking or not, but Rose started pleading and saying stuff like “please dad, not in front of my friend”. That was awkward! Her dad said that I deserved some punishment as well and that I should have a good look.
As he was sitting on her bed, he pulled Rose over his knee. She struggled a bit, but her dad was strong and he wasn’t having any of that. He stroked her bottom and just as I was wondering if any funny stuff was going to happen, he smacked her bottom so hard it made me yelp just looking at it. Rose flinched and gasped for air. With devotion her dad spanked her bottom and Rose was begging him to stop, to not do it in front of her friend. Her dad looked at me, and while he was looking me in the eye he pulled Rose’s pants and underpants down and stroked her bare bottom. He must have seen a very frightened and confused look on my face, because he told me “I will not spank you Emma, but you will be punished for your behaviour”. Then, he looked at Rose’s red bottom and spanked her so hard that my ears hurt. I was nailed to the floor. Rose was crying.
“Emma!” Rose’s dad said “go to that cupboard and bring me two!”. I didn’t know what he meant. He pointed at a cupboard and when I opened it, I saw nothing but a box of baby Pampers that must’ve been there for years since Rose was way too old for that. I was trying to figure out what I should be getting, when Rose’s dad said “That’s right Emma, bring me two of those Pampers”. Wait…. what?

I got two of the Pampers and slowly walked back to the bed. Rose was sobbing. She was sobbing and saying “please dad, no please, please don’t” but her dad was determined. He told her “you know what happens in this house when you act like a baby Rose, now lie down”. Rose lay down on her bed, on her back, with her pants and panties still pulled down. I could see her pussy and I was confused about what was going to happen.
“Come here Emma” I heard her dad say. I didn’t dare to come closer. “Bring me the Pampers, Emma.” I walked towards the bed and gave him the diapers. “One is for you Emma, hold on to it” he said. Then he diapered Rose as if she were a baby and he made her stand in the corner like that. He told her that Pampers will be her underwear for the rest of the week. For the rest of the week??
Before I knew it, Rose’s dad told me to lay on the bed. I was too overwhelmed to protest. He unbuttoned my jeans and I completely froze with fear. He took off my jeans, and my undies, and spread my legs. I tried to resist and he simply pushed my legs apart saying “you don’t want to get a spanking, now do you Emma?”.
He grabbed the Pampers and  put them underneath me, reached around and closed them. I felt really humiliated and I kept my eyes shut. “Put your jeans back on Emma, and put your undies in your backpack, you need to go home now”. I quickly got dressed and Rose was standing in the corner with her Pampers on and I was too embarrassed to say bye bye to her.

On my way back home I was super uncomfortable wearing those Pampers under my skinny jeans. I was convinced anyone could see the bulge. And I was very nervous to be coming back home to my uncle’s, because he’s so strict and he always notices everything. I was so nervous I actually peed a little in my diaper and I was so embarrassed!

When I entered my uncle’s house he was sitting on the sofa. “How was your visit?” he said. I tried to figure out of he knew anything, but I couldn’t tell. So I said it was fun, nothing special. He said “Come here Emma, sit on my lap, I want to talk to you”. I was afraid he’d notice my diaper, but I sat on his lap, the other way ’round so I was facing him, how we often sit when we’re talking.

“So you had fun then, nothing special?” his piercing eyes made my heart sink – I tried to look at the floor but he held my chin and made me look him in the eye. “Actually, I got a call from Rose’s father” he put his hands on my bottom “and you’re going to tell me exactly what happened”. Oh no! I am in trouble now….

I was mumbling and stuttering as I was telling my uncle how Rose’s dad put her over his knee and spanked her hard. “Did he also spank you, Emma?” I said no. My uncle smiled and knodded. Why was he smiling? What… “Go on,” he said.

So I told my uncle how Rose’s dad spanked her and how she suffered. How he pulled her undies down and continued to spank her while he was looking at me. I told my uncle about seeing her red bottom. That’s where my story stopped. “And then what, Emma? What did you do?” my uncle asked. I was silent. I couldn’t tell my uncle about the Pampers, it was too embarrassing! “You’re going to tell me the truth Emma. And yes, you will be punished. Tell me everything”. He was frowning, he looked so stern. I was afraid but I was also getting aroused a little. He looked so manly and his hands on my diapered bottom made me feel, I don’t know. He was so much in control, I was secretly thinking about how he would be punishing me later.

“Emma!” he said while he held my chin, “you know I don’t like it when you’re not telling the truth. I’ll spank you like Rose’s dad spanked you, for punishment, and after that you’ll tell me the whole story. Across my lap now.” My jaw dropped. A spanking? My uncle was going to spank me…..

Before I knew it he pulled me across his lap and my bottom was in the air. He was spanking my bottom and it hurt so much! I was hoping he wouldn’t pull my jeans down and expose my diaper. He spanked me so hard I forgot to breathe. I was not expecting this. “You’re being punished Emma, for acting like a child and for not telling me the truth,” he said. The pain made me panic a little – it burned so much and with every blow I felt a sharp sting. I tried to wriggle free but my uncle held me down. There was no way I could escape his strong hold. My bottom hurt so much and I was actually considering telling him the truth to make it stop. I’m glad I didn’t, because a few moments after that my uncle stopped spanking me and told me to stand in the corner. “This is your little girl’s punishment Emma, spanking and corner time”.

He pushed me off his lap and pulled me by my arm to the corner of the room. He was so mad. I was relieved that the spanking had stopped, and I was relieved that my uncle didn’t notice that I was actually wearing Pampers.

My uncle stood me in the corner and told me to put my hands by my side and my nose in the corner, and I did what I was told. I was afraid and I didn’t want to give him a reason to spank me any more. I heard him walk away. After a few moments my bottom started to burn and sting and I rubbed my bottom with two hands to relieve the pain. 

“Emma!” I jumped. “Is it really that hard to just stand in the corner?!” OMG my uncle was there the whole time! He was keeping an eye on me to see if I would undergo my punishment like a good girl and I failed. Now my uncle was really mad at me. “Nose to the wall Emma, hands by your side!” my uncle was standing right behind me, almost against me, I could feel his breath on my skin. He was breathing fast. His hands went around my waist and down to my trouser button……
Oh no! I panicked because if he is going to give me a bare bottom spanking he’ll find out I’m wearing wet Pampers… I clutched at my trousers trying to keep them closed. I completely ignored the fact that his hands were already there as I tried to stop him unbuttoning my trousers. This only enraged my uncle even further and he practically ripped my trousers open, pulled them down and gave me a spanking that would wake up the neighbours. Automatically I tried to protect my painful buttocks with my hands, and my uncle hard-handedly pushed them away and spanked my diapered bottom hard. It was sooooo painful and so humiliating to be spanked by my uncle, while I was diapered and standing in the corner. With his one hand he held me in my place, and with the other he was spanking my red stingy pampered bottom.

The spanking seemed to last forever and when it was over, my uncle sat down on the sofa and he told me to stand in front of him. I was too dazed from the harsh treatment to even question his request so I walked over with my trousers around my ankles, and I stood in front of him. His face was right near my diaper.
“Emma,” he said with surprise and disgust, “is your diaper……… wet? Did you actually pee your Pampers like a little girl? So you get put in diapers and you actually…. wet them?!”. He reached between my legs and felt my diaper – it was puffy with moist. Yes, I had peed my pampers.

My uncle turned me around and as I was standing there, he slapped my already red bottom, hard. He inspected my diapered bottom and said calmly “So, I think it suits you to wear diapers Emma. In fact, I’ll have you know that I actually like it. It turns me on. And since you have demonstrated that you need to be punished like a little girl, this will be your punishment. For the next three weeks, I will keep you in diapers. You will wear diapers, around the house and to school. No underwear for you. I will change your diapers. You will pee in your diapers. And whenever you pee in your diaper,  I will administer a sound spanking before changing you. During the school day, I will change your diaper during recess.” He sounded calm and content, and determined. I was dizzy with the foresight and the idea of three weeks in diapers, and a spanking every time I had a pee. Every time! “But…. but…. I’ll……” I stammered. “No buts Emma. And since you have already received a spanking, I will now change your diaper. Go and lie on the bed”. I didn’t know if my uncle meant what he said, but I was so confused and dazzled with everything that happened that I just walked over to my bed and laid down.

My uncle put my legs up and exposed my diaper. He stroked my buttocks – they were red and stingy and reminded me of how hard my uncle spanked me. He stroked my buttocks and my diaper. His fingers seemed to caress the bulge between my legs, as they traced all the lines of my wet puffy diaper. It felt really good actually, I opened my legs a little further and I closed my eyes. His thumb pressed down on the wet bulge and I sighed. “He’s only checking for wetness” I thought. “this is so humiliating but it feels so good I can’t help myself”. I opened my legs a little further and his fingers traced the leg elastics of the diaper. His thumb slipped inside my diaper and stroked my kitty. I gasped. I wasn’t expecting that!
And as I was lying in the diaper position, he spanked me again and again. I held my legs with my arms because he made it very clear that I was not allowed to block him in any way. I was so afraid my instincts to protect my behind would make me push away his hands. His hands slapped my bottom so hard, I was dizzy with fear and pain and excitement. I wanted him to stop but I didn’t want him to stop. I was enjoying it immensely, but it hurt so much!

After my uncle was done spanking me like that, he lay me down on the bed and said he would have me walk around in my bare bottom before diapering me again. He opened up my wet Pampers and cleaned my bottom and my kitty with baby wipes, like I was a baby. He took so long and it was really embarrassing but it felt really nice. I started to relax and opened my legs a little more. To feel his fingers cleaning my kitty with the baby wipes felt so good. I opened my legs a little further and started to relax. “Emma! You seem to be forgetting that you are being punished here!” my uncle said. Uh-oh, he was not amused. My uncle looked angry and I felt so ashamed. I didn’t dare to look him in the eye. Here I was, being punished like a little girl and at the same time enjoying my uncle’s fingers on my kitty. I felt like my body was betraying me. “You are asking for it Emma. You really need to be punished more.”
He told me to come off the bed and stand in the corner. I stood there with my bare bottom not knowing what to expect. My uncle physically bent me forward and held my head under his left arm while he spanked my bare bottom so hard. It was soooo painful! I wanted him to stop, but he held me tight. His hand pounded down on my bottom, left, right, left, right. My already sore bottom. I could hardly stand but he held my head tight. I buried my face in his shirt for comfort, I didn’t know what to do. He would not stop until I yelled “I promise! I promise uncle, I’ll be a good girl”. He stopped and asked me “And will you be wearing Pampers for the next three weeks Emma, wherever you go?”. I sobbed “I promise uncle”.
He released his grip and said “Good girl. Now stand there and enjoy your corner time, while I am getting your Pampers ready”.

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  1. Waarom ….waarom heeft dit verhaal dat overigens geweldig is niet zijn primeur op Fans Only gehad……..????

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    • 😅 Omdat ik nu een andere oom heb en ik heb hem nog niet gevraagd of hij dat OK zou vinden 😅


  2. What a wonderful story and set of pictures to go along with it…very nicely written… I could imagine myself being there 🙂

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  3. Hi Emma,

    Really good story Hope you can sit…. You want to get some cream on that ? But your ass is wonderfull in red and and pampers ^^ Xx By Myself

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  4. Hi this is Kerrington I love your site and I will like it if you will keep me informed on pics and emails please I love u guys

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