I am so excited to be at Save Express (10 pics)

You know Save Express in Hamburg, Germany? They are a huge diaper shop and their warehouse is diaper walhalla.

Whenever I am there, I am soooo excited to just walk around amidst thousands of lovely diapers, rompers, adult pacifiers, I never want to leave the place ❤
They literally have pallets ful of boxes full of packs full of diapers. And my favourite: the Sexy Adult Diaper. I love it!

Have a look at their website: www.SaveExpress.de

Xx Emma

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  1. How cute! Glad to see you showing off your face 🙂 If you don’t mind, are people around you (beside your SO/ABDL friends) aware of your little side? How do you manage your image as an ABDL celebrity who has, I guess, a normal job and a normal life with plenty of non-ABDL people around her? Never worried about being recognized when strolling around in Amsterdam in your little clothes?

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    • No, I always wear little clothes, so if anybody would see these pictures, I’d just tell them to not look so surprised 😉


  2. So they were perfectly comfortable with you walking around in a Diaper and a onesie on. It must be awesome if they let you do that

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  3. Hi Emma

    I made an order on saveexpress and i tried some abdl diaper actually^^ Very good

    You look great in this onesie and sexy diaper !!

    Xx Bymyself

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  4. I really enjoy their selection, but I really wish their website was better made and fully translated. I always feel frustrated when I browse it, and google translate isn’t all that much help unfortunately. 😦

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    • I know what you mean. I think they’re working on it, but they’re really busy with shipping diapers 🙄


    • Wich is a good thing! Too bad I can’t place an order and be certain of what I’m going to get, not worrying about if I misstranslated something ^^

      Do they have a storefront for the public?

      Replied to the wrong person, first time using these comments. :S

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    • No worries 😊
      Yes, they have a store front. So you can actually see and feel the items before buying them.


    • Woh wohns du in Hamburg ? Ich wohne in Holland gr Henk in windeln


  5. Mooie fotos je ziet er nice uit maar in het echt nog mooier hoor emma wanneer komt er in belgie is luierclub???? Grtzzzzz xxxxx

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    • Oh dank je wel 😊
      Ik weet niet of er nog Club Luier in België komt ☺️


    • I didn’t know that. But yeah, I’ve tried them, they’re lovely.


  6. Thanks for the awesome pics…but you’ve made me jealous as hell! I WANNA walk around that store with you wearing a diaper and a onesie! I only wish I could see being in Europe in the near future as I’d love to see a store like that! I don’t know of anything similar here in the USA,sadly!

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    • Emma, how would I find this blog, and is it available in English? Thanks! I’m happy people liked my comment…I had to write it as my jaw damn near smashed off of the floor when I saw this was an actual store and what you were wearing! I’m oh so damn jealous!

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  7. Hallo Emma,
    so schöne Bilder 🙂 Ich denke du hattest einen “funny day” bei save express!

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