My denim diaper matches my denim dress (5-15 pics)

open Emma's BentBoxI don’t always match my diaper with my dress but when I do… 😉
I just couldn’t resist wearing a nice denim dress with my denim diaper. I think it looks good, do you?

In case you’re wondering, you can get the Fabine Jeans Diapers from Save Express.
No, I don’t get paid to say that, I’m just a fan ❤

Enjoy these 5 pictures
See the full set (15 pics) in my BentBox:

Xx Emma

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  1. Dag emma vandaag lekker geshopt in antwerpen in krakende luier in joggingbroekje hmm wanneer komt er nog is bijeenkomst in antwerpen? Al was het maar eenmalig grtzzzz


  2. Hi Emma

    Wahou very cute diaper especialy for a festival or an ABDL events !!!!

    You have choosen the perfect dress and it’s so sweet !! It’s match perfectly

    Thank you to sharing this news and this pictures with us

    Xx Bymyself

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh thank you, you’re so sweet and I love your comments 😊💕


  3. Looks very nice Emma,
    Too bad i cant find them in the right size for myself and my wife


  4. Hey Emma,
    The diaper matches really good. People will think it’s part of the dress and not know that it’s a diaper. It also looks like you might need a diaper change though.

    Liked by 1 person

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