I’m visiting DeMask fetish boutique wearing a diaper (12 pics)

I went shopping at DeMask, fetish boutique in Amsterdam. I wanted a new outfit for their upcoming EuroPerve party. It’s always fun to shop at DeMask, I stripped down to nothing but my diaper and tried on a latex bra, a latex skirt and two transparent latex coats. I love transparent latex
Oh and the best part – THEY SELL DIAPERS in the boutique!

Xx Emma

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  1. Red rubber mini skirt: FAB, and love you in the transparent gear too. What did you wear to the event, plus your diaper, of course?

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    • To the event I wore a dark red latex catsuit plus that long transparent latex coat.


  2. So do they even have dressing rooms there or is doing it right out in the open all part of the fun? *dreaming* hehe 😛 😉


    • But they also don’t mind if you try out stuff out in the open oooo I like it!! Hehe!!00 😛 😉 😀
      Wish I could’ve been there having fun with you as well! 😀

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  3. Hi Emma,

    I like the latex bra That draw perfectly your breast !!!

    And yes diaper and transparent latex are awesome you are beautifull wonderfull sweet cute little girl Thank you to sharing this with us

    Xx Bymyself

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  4. Emma you look so sexy in the latex gear its just so hot. My sissy side wants to wear it all too

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