What do you prefer – pictures, animated gif or video? Let me know in the comments :-)

So when I share my diaper with you – what do you prefer?
I’ll attach an animated gif, a video and pictures so you can choose. Fill in the poll and see what other diaper lovers like 🙂

Xx Emma

Do you prefer an animated gif?

Do you prefer pictures?


Do you prefer video?


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  1. I prefer pictures in this example. Shows more of sexy Emma . Awesome when you remove diaper .

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  2. Hi Emma,

    I’m agree with kalle2020 that depends of content

    And agree with Padl&Morena we like your diaper body you are perfect so it doesn’t matter pics, video or gifs the only thing we want to see is you

    Xx Bymyself

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  3. Lovely pics Emma.
    I like videos where you take off a wet diaper, like in the pictures. Love to hear your voice though.
    I also love when you wear diapers in public, more videos of that please.
    You are so sweet and lovely Emma, nice body too. I’m a big fan. Just joined Fetlife too.
    Love to see you at ABDL Scandinavia soon again. I’m Lillen there.
    You ever use Skype or KiK ?

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    • Thanks 😘
      I don’t use Skype or Kik. But I’m on Fetlife, you already found me there 😊


  4. I like vids the most

    Het liefst de video’s maar plaatjes van jouw zijn ook hot

    xxxx Ingrid

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  5. It depends on the content:

    – In most cases, like when you show yourself and your diaper from different angles, I prefer pics. They give me the possibility to look thouroughly, to zoom in, to look for details and – more generally – to watch them at my own pace and rhythm.
    – But when there’s some action happening, like we can watch your diaper fill up or you walk around in public, a video can be more appropriate.

    What I don’t like, however, are animated gifs. They are blurry, hectic; a technology that is no longer needed today when you can easily post videos….


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  6. Franchement tous de toi est fabuleux : Photos , vidéo , gif…
    Je ferais se classement 1er : photos ; 2eme : Vidéo 3eme: Gif
    Dans tous cela s’est toi qu’on aime et ton super corps en couche. Il n’y a pas de meilleur ambassadrice ABDL que toi dans le monde. Tu est une fille unique Emma!

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  7. I like pictures the most of all.
    Keeps a little secret and fantasy to the watcher to add🤔.

    But all is exellent ofc 😊

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    • Oh well then you’ll get pretty bored with my stuff pretty fast I guess 😄


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