Emma talks about age play and diapers in Massad fetish magazine (4 pics)

Hey you guys, did you see I’m in the October edition of the Dutch fetish magazine MassaD?
I’m so excited about it because MassaD Magazine is read by thousands of kinksters, and for a lot of people it will be the first time that they learn first hand about the fun of age play and diaper love. It’s a really cool article that spans 9 pages.

You can buy MassaD Magazine in fetish shops like DeMask, or you can download the pdf version from their website:


Xx Emma




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  1. I’m from the UK though I was an expat in Amsterdam for a couple of months and kicking myself for not knowing about Club Luier when I lived there, do you visibly wear nappies publicly around Amsterdam and if yes, do you get any problems with the public? I wouldn’t dare wear in public in the UK.


  2. you are aStar now and you did something very important for our scene. Congratulations! Love and hugs


  3. I love you girl in you’re wet fat diper turns me on. By by fore now


  4. wow wat een fijn artikel……..kun je dit blad bij de mask kopen ? Ik ga meteen kijken voor die luie Luiers daar.
    Dankjewel dat je zo’n lans breekt voor ons.

    Groetjes en liefs


    • Wat leuk Bertje dank je wel! ❀️
      Ja je kan dit blad bij DeMask kopen 😊


  5. Heb er meteen een besteld!!! Altijd spannend om je te zien en te lezen. Je bent en blijft nummer een!!

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