I’m doing laundry wearing my Cuddlz diaper (20 pics)

It’s laundry day today! And what better way to be doing all the laundry than to be wearing nothing but a thick diaper? I know I love it when I’m padded and secure ❤

Xx Emma

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  1. Hi Emma I tweeted you on Twitter.I haven’t tweeted you on Tumblr well your still as beautiful as ever one day I would love to meet you.I would think it would be a fantasy come true to be the on to change your diapers for 24 hrs.Well im happy just to look at your thick diapered bottom on Tumblr keep your diapers thick and wet until next time.tweet me and let me know how your doing.I see you show your face on your pics you should you have a pretty one by by.


  2. Hi Emma,

    Yes wear nothing but just a diaper is the best And your are beautifull Like you

    Xx Bymyself


  3. Hi Emma, your diaper friend on our Instagram didn’t know if we’re allowed to write you here or that I’m guessing no. Just think your so cute in your diapers let alone thousands in face book like us live in adult diapers threw life, baby Jimmy 59


  4. Nog schattiger als normaal ❤
    Zo de was doen is een stuk beter!
    En strak op gehangen hoor ^_♡


  5. Dag emma leuk hmmm mooi hoor draag jij grg cotton luiers? Ik niet zakken snel af en lekken
    Grtz xxxxx


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