My first time wearing ABU Simple (6 pics)

A sweet friend of mine gave me a pack of ABU Simple diapers. I love a nice full white diaper, and these are size small, so I was really happy with them. And when I tried them, oh my happiness all over. I love them! ❤

Xx Emma

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  1. Hey Emma,
    Have you tried ABU Little Paws? They’re wonderful diapers. I feel like such a good little baby boy when I’m wearing them (and a better baby boy when I’ve wet them).

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  2. Zit altijd zo lekker warm zo’n volle luier ……mooi wit compact….maar ik hou erg van jouw luiers bij theMask met plaatjes


  3. Really nice and sexy diaper , Emma
    Love to change you some day 😍


  4. Hi Emma,

    Perfect diaper to costomize !!! Your always cute with any of diapers !!!!!

    They seem to swell well no ? Never try this brand of diaper Best absorption than Mydiaper ?

    Like you

    Xx Bymyself


  5. Wauw Emma die zit echt gegoten en mooi plastic😍en er kan wel wat in zie ik😁😁veel plezier schattie😘😘


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