I did an interview about ABDL for BoldPleasures (1 pic)

BoldPleasures is an educational platform about sexuality, and they interviewed me about ABDL. The interviewer Sonja knew nothing about ABDL, which is cool since she is open-minded and eager to learn. All in all I think it’s a kick-ass interview and I’m very happy and proud πŸ™‚

On their website is a written article by Sonja and a video of the interview. It’s two videos actually, because the interview was supposed to take a half hour and we have been talking (and filming) for 1.5 hours! πŸ˜›


❀ I’m so happy for open-minded platforms like this ❀

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  1. You are such an inspirational person! I loved this interview. You’re attitude and approach towards age-play is exactly how it should be for everyone πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. After the interview I felt so good about myself so thank youuuu😎😎


  2. That was a great interview! Hopefully it will help open minds. Someday I hope to visit Amsterdam and maybe attend one of your parties.


  3. Ohh dat hebben jullie zo mooi gebracht!!
    Vind het erg knap van jullie allebij
    En briljant uitgelegd allemaal
    En denk dat je er veel mensen mee heb geholpen.perfect om iemand die het niet begrijpt of die je het wil uitleggen om te laten zien.
    En geweldige lach heb je:-)


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