I’m partying in a pink latex dress with a diaper underneath (2-8 pics)

open Emma's BentBoxI love the combination of latex and a cute diaper. Pink latex is my favourite ^_^
Here I’m wearing a vintage Libero Junior diaper, I love them so much ❤

Enjoy these two free photos
See the full set in my BentBox: http://sm.bentbox.co/showbox?K1AFEQue

Xx Emma


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  1. Wow, Emma — breath-takingly gorgeous!!
    Love you in the pink latex dress and the diaper XXXXX


  2. wow emma tre jolie en couche jaime tes fessee surtout avec couche continue de partager tes photo 10/10 emma cest ma princesse


  3. Dear very special Emma!      How are you this evening?  Thank you very, very, very, very, very, very much for your very enthusiastic message and for the stunningly gorgeous photos of you!  I feel that it is fantastic that you love the combination of latex and a cute diaper and that pink latex is your favorite and that you are wearing a vintage Libero Junior diaper and you love them so much!  You inspire me!  I check your Instagram account daily.  I can not comment on your fantastic posts and amazingly beautiful photos because I do not have an Instagram account.  I am giving my highest praises to you for sharing your love and joy about wearing diapers with us and for creating your stupendous Instagram account and stunningly gorgeous blog!  I am giving my best wishes to you!Very gratefully,BillyMaine USA   


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