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  1. De auto zoals op de foto is er niet meer, ik ben bezig met een andere auto ik dacht dat jij ook nog wat fotos zou plaatsen met de luiers die ik je gegeven had

    groetjes Diaper lord Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10



    • Your just one of the best your always sharing yourself with all of us diapers lovers. What a great lady you are and I wish nothing but the best that comes your way. For me I’m just old fashion I love wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants some pare thick training pats with a soaker and a pair of snap on plastic pants and I have lots and lots of Velcro flannel diapers and use a soaker as well for night time sleep in them every night. Thank your again my friend and just keep doing what you love doing and being your self.

      Your friend always

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