Contact, what’s your e-mail address or telephone number?
I’m not giving you my e-mail address or my telephone number. If you’d like to send me a message, please do so on . All you need is a login which is free. I get so many messages that I use Fetlife as my main e-mail box 🙂 Find Emma on Fetlife. My nickname on Fetlife is Emma_ABDLgirl 🙂

Emma, do you have skype/kik/MSN/etc
No I don’t because I don’t like real time messaging.

Emma, do you have playmates?
Yes I have playmates. If you’d like more information on that, please read my profile on Fetlife. Maybe – just maybe – we’ll have a diaper play date together but I’m not making any promises to people I have never met 😉
Or, we could always meet each other over a cup of tea 🙂

Emma-making-selfies-preview (6)

Emma, do you have pictures with…
Well if you didn’t find them here then probably not. But you can always request a personal picture set.
Then I’ll make some pictures especially for you.


Emma, can you send me…
A wet diaper, worn socks, pissy undies or your bra, used pacifiers or toys?
If you have an address in the EU: yes! Look here.

Emma, I want to meet you
Alright. But you understand that I can’t just meet with anybody who is curious about me, right? That would be silly 😉
But you can read all about how and where you can meet me.