The Diaper2Pack

Emma's Diaper2Pack

Emma’s Diaper2Pack
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Since 2017 the ABDL world has a new product: the Diaper2Pack
It’s a simple product: two cute ABDL diapers in a nice glossy display packet. The Diaper2Pack is exclusively sold in fetish boutiques, they are not available online. So if you are wondering ‘where to buy diapers in Amsterdam’ or ‘where to buy diapers in Holland’, here’s the answer.

Emma's Diaper2Pack - the answer to where to buy diapers in Amsterdam

Emma’s Diaper2Pack – front side and back side.
Available in four colours, in size M and L.
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The Diaper2Pack is available in the following shops

Louva from DeMask Amsterdam, happy to sell diapers

Diapers on Display at Erotica Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Diapers on Display at Mister B Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Are you interested in selling the Diaper2Pack in your store?

Please tell me your ideas and I’ll inform you of the possibilities.
Shops who sell the Diaper2Pack will be provided with a handy laminated FAQ sheet (in English or in Dutch), which answers the most frequently asked questions about wearing diapers.