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lees deze pagina in het NederlandsI am working on my own ABDL nursery in Amsterdam. I’ve always wanted to create an ABDL nursery and now I can rent a super cute apartment just for this and I am taking the plunge!

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10/05/2016 – 🍼 Nursery update 3: kitchen cat, funny bunny and bubble ducky
09/12/2016 – 🍼 Nursery update 2: cute lamps
08/31/2016 – 🍼 Nursery update 1: the Playpen



I want to make the nursery a safe and cosy place but for the ABDL community.
I am thinking of having fun arts & crafts afternoons, movie nights, silly Sundays, pancake Saturdays and so on. It’s going to be onesies, diapers, teddies and sippy cups all over the place.
It’s the cutest studio apartment with a kitchen, bathtub, everything your heart desires and I want to decorate it with nursery wallpaper, a huge play pen, a high chair, etc. And of course everybody’s drawings🙂

My little Nursery costs me real money, because I need to pay the monthly rent for it which is 700 euros. And small money, for groceries and upkeep. The rent needs to be paid every month. I am willing to take that risk because this is going to be so awesome.
My plan is to fund the little nursery with paid private play sessions and perhaps by renting it out for like, an afternoon. I need to make about 850 euros per month (so I have 700 after taxes).
The nursery is not my residence. It is not my job or my main income (I am not that lucky). It doesn’t come for free. I can’t do it all alone. So any help in the form of enthusiasm, funding, ABDL furniture, helping hands with cleaning etc, all is very welcome and absolutely appreciated. I have to pay the rent and as long as I can do that, I can offer my nursery as a play house for the community.

So…. about those play sessions🙂

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