My nursery

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Yes, I have my own ABDL nursery in Amsterdam. It’s so exciting!
I organise parties for Littles and I fund the Nursery with private babysitting afternoons. Fun times 🙂

ABDL parties

The Nursery is a safe and cosy place for the ABDL community.
We have fun arts & crafts afternoons, movie nights, silly Sundays, pancake Saturdays and so on. It’s onesies, diapers, teddies and sippy cups all over the place.

Funding the Nursery

My little Nursery costs me real money, because I need to pay the monthly rent for it which is 700 euros. And small money, for groceries and upkeep. The rent needs to be paid every month. I am willing to take that risk because it’s all so awesome.
The Nursery is funded with paid private play dates.  I have maximum two paid play dates a month so I can cover the costs for the Nursery.