Donate stuff for the ABDL nursery

You’ve probably read here that I have a little ABDL nursery from August 2016, in Amsterdam.
And that I need funds to pay the rent. I can also really use help with fun stuff so I made a list. The nursery is already really cosy and cute but you can never have enough ABDL stuff right 😉
Extra super dooper bonus points for anything with  hearts, teddy bears or Sesame Street 🙂
Anything that’s crossed off, is taken care of. Yaay!

  • plastic baby cutlery and plates, dishwasher safe
  • plastic backed diapers in size M or L
  • a high chair suitable for adult babies
  • a crib / cot / baby bed suitable for adult babies
  • children’s bedding / beddegoed
  • a nice rug or play mat for on the floor
  • games, board games and toys
  • children’s DVD’s
  • children’s music! on CD. or maybe a 2nd hand MP3 player.
  • bath tub toys like rubber duckies
  • maybe some second hand adult baby clothing for visitors to wear
  • dress up stuff for sissy sisters
  • things that I’m forgetting

Also, any monetary donation is much appreciated. Let me know I can do something in return for you 🙂

If you want to help me with anything, just send me a message. Thank you! ❤


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